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BoTox® Applications

BoTox®, is a trade name of the “onabotulinumtoxinA”, which is neuromuscular blocking agent for anti-wrinkles treatment. It basically creates a reversible weakness in the muscles. Face mimics are created by facial muscles. This life-long continuous muscle activity creates dynamic lines first, and then these eventually turn to facial wrinkles.  These wrinkles are mostly seen on the forehead, glabellar area, around the eyes (crowfoot) and mouth. By BoTox® injection, it takes twenty minutes to fade away the signs of the years. BoTox® weakens the muscle activity which leads to decrease in wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones in a natural way. It is without harm, easy and its function is reversible. In an experienced hand, change in facial appearance and mask face is not possible. Its effect starts after three days, sets in a week and lasts between three to four months.

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